NSW Office of Sport

The Office of Sport is the NSW state government agency responsible for supporting and enriching the lives of people and communities through services such as sports venue management, children’s sports development programs, and sporting events.

The challenge for our client

The Office of Sport was keen to find a way to streamline business processes, management approvals, and to automated IT tasks to reduce overall costs and time to deliver services to its staff. 

Our solution

To help the Office of Sport realise the improvements necessary to function more effectively, we implemented the ServiceNow ITSM platform to streamline all information technology requests. The new system also allows for the incorporation of other areas of the business to approve technology purchases and facilitate faster onboarding and offboarding of staff.

We successfully developed and implemented the ServiceNow Service Portal. This easy-to-use system provides a one-stop portal for staff to request assistance from the IT department, and log requests for new computer supplies and services.

With the implementation of the ServiceNow Flow module, we automated many of the repetitive tasks such as Active Directory account creation, Office 365 mailbox creation and licensing, and automated software deployment via Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager.

Outcomes for our client

The Office of Sport now enjoys the benefits of a centralised IT portal where all staff members can log IT issues, request assistance, or order new hardware and software. Every request automatically triggers approval workflows to the relevant business unit, creating an easy-to-follow audit trail from initial request through to completion.

By incorporating approval workflows, the IT department can now quickly turnaround requests in a consistent manner, without the need to individually follow up on approvals from business units outside the IT department, meaning more time can be devoted to core business activities.