eHealth NSW

eHealth NSW provide services to all Local Health Districts (LHDs) across NSW supporting over 200,000 staff.

The challenge for our client

eHealth NSW are currently working on major projects to consolidate their email systems, roaming user data and standardising their Windows 10 Active Directory security Group Policies.

ND&Co were approached in 2016 by eHealth NSW to assist in simplifying the end user experience of migrating their email profiles, and to reduce the assistance required from the IT service desk, thus reducing project costs.

Our solution

ND&Co provided a centralised management solution for each respective LHD IT department to schedule pre-migration tasks and system checks to ensure each LHD department are ready for migration.

Outcomes for our client

Fully automated migration process for mail profiles for all staff across all of their devices, as well as removing the requirement for staff to contact the IT service desk for assistance.

We have been assisting the NSW Health IT departments across multiple LHDs and have been successful in migrating well over 80,000 staff.

This is an ongoing project and we are still closely involved with eHealth NSW as of January 2019 as each LHD across NSW migrates to the new email platform.